December 2005

peter and i are off to the states for the holidays. so there’ll be no updates around here until mid january at the earliest. hope everyone has a good holiday whatever you may be celebrating.


this week’s audioscrobbler chart. this’ll be the last chart i’m posting for the year as peter and i leave on thursday to seattle for the holidays. obviously i’ve been giving that 50footwave ep quite a bit of play. i like it enough for free that i’ll be looking into getting the other stuff they’ve already released.

who knew kristin hersh had a blog? from it i learned that kristn hersh’s new band 50footwave has a free ep available for download:

With “Free Music” 50FootWave is seeking new earballs. We thought it’d be interesting to ask for your energy & enthusiasm rather than your money and see what happens. To that end, please share this music in any and every way you see fit. Burn CDs, post the mp3s, seed Torrents — whatever’s comfortable for you.

It’s an experiment. Who knows how it will go? Wheee!

how cool is that? i didn’t really care much for that last throwing muses album, but i’m digging this new band more every time i listen to it. but kristin’s voice sounds a bit hoarse – maybe that’s the way she sounds these days and i’ve just been out of the loop?

from her blog i learned that her son is in a band called happy birthday la. they remind me of someone but i’m not sure who.

speaking of kristin hersh, yesterday i was at white wabbit records and they were playing some band that reminded me of someone. at first i thought it reminded me of mirah, but in the end i realized bits in the vocal style reminded me of kristin hersh. i stupidly didn’t write down who the band was so i’m probably going to be wondering for years who it was. i liked what i heard.

the art of suehiro maruo. definatey not for the faint of heart and not very safe for work. same hat! same hat!! has translated the first three chapters of his comic poison strawberry. i’ve only read the first chapter but i’m keen to read more. i’d never heard of same hat! same hat!! before. but apparently it’s a blog that’s main purpose is to translate into english japanese comics that haven’t as of yet been translated. sounds like something i’m going to have to explore more of. via male.dei.

the toycam travelcam:

The travel camera was started in February of 2004 in Maywood NJ and travelled to 31 different photographers from around the globe. It arrived back in New Jersey on 11/28/05. The following images tell the story of its journey.

i think the journal that accompanied the camera is almost more interesting than the pictures. i love things like this. and now the good folks at have plans to up the ante on such activities by sending a gnome around the world to be photographed! coolness.

i’m sure i blogged about this last year, but seeing it mentioned on quiddity reminded me that it’s well worth a return visit. santa and me – a blog devoted to vintage pictures of kids visiting santa. of course there is more to it than that, like the fact that you can watch one of my favourite b-movies – santa claus conquers the martians on the site. too cool. and if you are craving your own personal copy of the movie – a free download is available over at the internet archive.

this is wonderful. a flickr set of london punks 1976-1984. though some here are more new wave or goth than punk still a great set. and for clash fans uground1 has a set from a clash christmas gig in 1979. via pcl linkdump.

also, i just got an invite to a group devoted to covers. that would be covers as in pulp novels and old comics. i don’t really have anything to contribute but i’m loving looking at the pool.

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