this week’s audioscrobbler chart. i’ve just finished up reading ben watt’s book patient which put me in the mood to explore my everything but the girl collection again. the book is quite disturbing in parts, but maybe i’m just overly squeamish. not neccesarily the thing to be read while suffering from a cold. his descriptions of the difference between being in the hospital and how alien the outside world seems were dead on. at least from my experiences of being sick and/or in the hospital.

audioscrobbler has had an update and now you can keep track of when someone has left a comment after you on the various journals people have written. also you can listen to your reccomendation list as a radio option. this sounds good, unfortunately their player needs a lot of work. when i tried it i had to give up after a few songs as it kept stopping while it downloaded more of the files. too annoying for me to sit through for long.