February 2006

a recent thread on the exoticalist lead me to the discovery of some great soundtracks that have sprung to the top of my want list. el records has re-issued on cd the soundtrack to the hr pufnstuf movie and the soundtrack to the bugaloos. before this the bugaloos was only available on cd as a costly japanese import. and over at moviegrooves they’ve got the soundtrack to the banana splits. i’m pretty sure this is a bootleg. once my credit card is paid off i’ll no doubt be putting in an order to dusty groove to pick up some of these. i suppose i could try to have a shop here special order some of this, but after being told it’d be hard to order stuff from verve(an outright lie i’m sure) i’m not so keen on even trying.


don knotts has died. sad sad sad. most of the obituaries i’ve read are going on and on about his role in the andy griffith show, but for me he had no finer hour than when he appeared in the love god?

laff in the dark. a site devoted to haunted and fun houses. in the articles section there’s a bit about the flight to mars. a ride i used to love to go on at the seattle center fun forest. according to this article over the years the insides had been “updated” with movie tie-in monsters, but luckily when i was riding it none of that was there. whenever i go back to seattle and walk through the park i always feel like it’s missing something with the flight to mars gone. via eye of the goof.

this week’s audioscrobbler chart. the band in chinese is natural q. the taiwanese band i posted about just a few days ago. for some reason when i first got this stu phillips release it didn’t really jump out at me. but when i went back to listen to it again recently i have no idea why i’d have such an initial reaction. recently, i discovered there’s an audioscrobbler group devoted to inidie chinese music. i joined, but when the first chart came out(since i joined) who should top it but a stupid idol singer. it just seems odd. it’d be like joining a group for underground music and celine dion or mariah carey topping the charts. maybe i was just expecting more.

tunes of toy. the latest toy camera collaboration project. the instructions were pretty simple: an image inspired by a piece of music or your favourite song. of course i participated and it was a lot of fun.

to make things a little more interesting the first person to correctly identify which picture is mine, the song title that inspired it and the artist that wrote/sang it i will send a singles compilation by the japanese singer ua to. i picked it up awhile back but didn’t care for it, though she seems to be held in high esteem by quite a few people into pizzicato five(though i’d never classify her as shibuya-kei). leave your guess in the comments.

update: erik guessed correctly, so he’ll be getting the ua cd.

awhile back i posted about this taiwanese band natural q that seemed interesting. well, to be honest after listening to some sound samples on line i wasn’t all that enthused and had decided not to buy their album. but then i was at eslite and they had it on one of the listening stations. to my surprise i found i really liked some of it, and the songs i wasn’t so thrilled about i felt would grow on me. and they have and i’m quite happy to have it. i’m especially enjoying the more quirky songs like “buy”.

the cd comes with all kinds of nifty packaging. like this plastic record:

that scan isn’t very good. but initially i thought it was a flexidisc and was somewhat disappointed when i realized it wasn’t, just something made to look like one. but it’s still to cool and if you go to 30early.com you can hear some sort of electronic children’s music. not bad.

the cd also comes with stickers. the set of robots are my favourites.

augh! it figures, but i just noticed on their website is a message stating that they have now split up. i finally find a taiwanese band that i find interesting and not totally derivative and they go and break up. well, i’ve still got hopes that dolly’s pillbox will prove to be interesting if they ever release an album.

speaking of eslite, the music shop now has a blog. if you go here, you can see some shots from when hazel nuts chocolate and the aprils(among others) were here last year.

i think i meant to post about this before and then forgot about it. but recently my brother brought my attention to it again: the lego suicides. i think i like the idea of this more than the execution(no pun intended).

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