April 2006

it looks like we’re having server issues again. hopefully it’ll be up and running again soon. in the meantime you can go check out this game that paul has gotten me hooked on.


this week’s audioscrobbler chart. i’d forgotten how much i really love some of the stuff sweet put out. i still have a hard time seeing them as bubblegum, but there are songs of theirs i could listen to over and over again.

the patry copyright blog has an interesting commentary going on about the smithsonian giving(well, for a price) exclusive rights to their archives to showtime. considering showtime doesn’t even allow people outside the u.s. to view their website i can only think this is a bad thing. if the smithsonian needs money – there must be better ways to make it than by such an agreement. via cinegraphic.net.

oh my. my friend eric told me about this great video/performance by fad gadget from german tv. i don’t think i’d really seen a proper video by fad gadget before discovering the stuff up on you tube. i’d seen a frank tovey video, but never the fad gadget ones. the person who uploaded this to you tube has a lot of other great videos to watch to. einsturzende neubauten, creatures, spk, nick cave, etc. makes me think of the 80s when i was obsessed with taping cool videos off various video shows.

note: we’re doing some work on the server so the pictures may be coming and going for awhile. should be all back to normal in a day or so.

yesterday i finally made it to the huashan culture art center. i’d heard about this place for years, usually in reference to being an alternative art space, but had never managed to go there to take in any of the events. what i saw yesterday was a university art show. some of the work was quite interesting – even better than what sometimes gets shown in the museums. one of my favourite pieces was a series of metalic brief cases. they were set on the floor and you’d take a brief case up to the counter where you’d be given a key. then you’d proceed to the next room where there were benches with a single bare light bulb suspended above each bench. here you opened the case with your key and could experience the art inside.

as part of the art event there was also a small diy market. unfortunately there wasn’t anything i was really interested in. nothing like campo. but that’s ok because since campo has gotten so popular lately, there will be another campo event at the living mall this saturday. i’ll be going for sure.

after taking in this art show i stopped by a thrift store i hadn’t been to in ages. they mainly carry stuff imported from the states. they’ve expanded quite a bit since last time i was there and it’s become a really large shop. lots of cool furniture i can’t afford or have no room for. but nice to look at anyway. on a whim i picked up some nancy drew and hardy boys mystery books. i don’t recall reading them as a child(though i do remember reading encyclopedia brown), but i did watch the tv show.

so i don’t have cancer. i recently had a lump in my arm removed. today i had the stitches taken out. while getting this done the doctor flipped through my folder and mumbled to himself pathology… and then went on to say the tumor they’d removed was benign. i didn’t even know they may have thought it was cancerous(which is a good thing as if i’d known i’d probably have been freaking out over it all this time). however, when i went in for the procedure the doctors were basically ignoring me discussing(in a mix of chinese and english) cancer. which hardly helped my comfort level. but since they also mentioned mainland china in this discussion i figured they weren’t talking about me. i went to the doctor three times for this whole treatment. a cost of nt$180 + nt$150 + nt$180 for a total of nt$510. that’s around 15 bucks u.s. for the entire treatment. national healthcare is a good thing i tell you.

this week’s audioscrobbler chart. one day i woke up with simple man stuck in my head so i had to give that song a listen to again. i think play that funky music may be one of my favourite 70s songs. i had the 7″ single for that song ages ago. for some reason it always reminds me of my older brother and sisters though i don’t really remember them listening to that song much.

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