so i don’t have cancer. i recently had a lump in my arm removed. today i had the stitches taken out. while getting this done the doctor flipped through my folder and mumbled to himself pathology… and then went on to say the tumor they’d removed was benign. i didn’t even know they may have thought it was cancerous(which is a good thing as if i’d known i’d probably have been freaking out over it all this time). however, when i went in for the procedure the doctors were basically ignoring me discussing(in a mix of chinese and english) cancer. which hardly helped my comfort level. but since they also mentioned mainland china in this discussion i figured they weren’t talking about me. i went to the doctor three times for this whole treatment. a cost of nt$180 + nt$150 + nt$180 for a total of nt$510. that’s around 15 bucks u.s. for the entire treatment. national healthcare is a good thing i tell you.