May 2006

the incredible hulk was one of my favourite tv shows, so i couldn’t resist the rare soundtrack being offered for download. unfortunately, the download has been divided into two zip files which means if you are a cheapo like me you have to wait an hour between downloads to get the whole thing. via pcl linkdump.

i really need to start keeping an eye on more of these mp3 blogs. speaking of which there is a new one on the block which looks to be rather promising: the earth goes round. its focus seems to be on japanese music, and covers by japanese bands of western bands and/or other japanese bands. of course a whole blog could be devoted just to the songs pizzicato five sampled.


this week’s audioscrobbler chart. i somehow managed to forget to post last week’s chart. oh well. obviously, i’ve been giving that dolly’s pillbox ep a good listen. i also recently picked up a cheapo diana ross comp. i’m enjoying a lot of what is on there, but time hasn’t made me dislike endless love any less than when it first came out. radio radio may very well be my favourite elvis costello song. or maybe it’s just suiting my feeling of late. ted recently posted about seeing the fall live. it sounds like a fantastic show. since it’s doubtful they’ll be doing any shows in taiwan in the near future, i did the next best thing by giving some of their cds a spin.

pre-orders for the third issue of lightleaks magazine are being accepted at a slight discount. i ordered mine, though i still have problems with the price. since it’s a benefit for i can somewhat accept it. but if it was just a regular magazine at this price i’d probably not be forking out the dough for it.

last night was dolly’s pillbox ep release party at the wall. a few weeks ago, the singer emailed me and asked if i’d like to reserve a copy of the special editon ep that comes with a set of postcards and stickers. of course i said yes. so before the show i stopped by their table where they were selling them and got to talk to a few of the members. they were all really nice, and the lead singer asked me if i’d already bought a ticket, when i said no she handed me a free ticket for the show.

there were three bands in the line up. first up was tin pan alley. i’d listened to some of their songs on a listening station, but it didn’t really do much for me. live they were much more interesting – and i realized how much i missed seeing live music and just feeling that wall of noise.

next up were dolly’s pillbox. they played quite a few songs i knew from stuff they’ve had on line to download. musically it was good, but unfortunately the sound guys didn’t seem to be on top of things and for quite a bit of the set the vocals were pretty buried. when i first heard this band i thought they sounded like a combination of a girl group and slowdive. i’m not sure if the comparison still holds true, though there’s a definate shoegaze influence at work, but there’s also parts where the music seems really quiet – a bit sunshine pop perhaps. after the show, it’s interesting to listen to the ep, because i pick out certain instruments more. like the harmonica(which i never really thought of as being a harmonica before) or the song where some of the vocals are spoken through a bullhorn. i’m looking forward to the next time they do a show. it’s nice to have a local band i like enough to want to see live.

the final band of the evening was orange grass. i only stayed for 4 or 5 songs. they were ok, but not anything i’d buy. they reminded me a bit of someone my friend myndi might like.

as i left the wall i spied the scheldule for the taipei film festival which will be held next month. lots of good things showing. a lot of canadian films, including one atom egoyan film i’ve never seen before. it’s going to be difficult to decide what to see.

the world’s biggest pinhole camera:

Sometime in June, a team of photographers in southern California plans to transform an abandoned airplane hangar into a giant pinhole camera, expose a huge piece of light-sensitive cloth, and create what may be the world’s largest photograph.

it sounds really cool. i guess next month we’ll know how it did or didn’t workout. found via the flickr pinhole group.

man, this is cool. el topo in book form:

A scene-by-scene, image-by-image narrative
of the film by Alexandro Jodorowsky, the director, star, writer and composer of EL TOPO.

i suspect this may be the same book that a friend of mine picked up in vancouver many many years ago. i’ve heard that the jodorowsky films will be getting a proper dvd release this year sometime(if they haven’t been already – i haven’t checked recently), but of course unlicensed versions have been around for quite some time. via pcl linkdump.

over the weekend peter and i went to the tonghua(sp?) nightmarket. we hadn’t been there in quite a long time. at the thrift store there they had a whole box of old matchboxes. i bought the ones pictured above. not so much because i dig matchboxes but so i can use them to make matchbox pinhole cameras out of them. if you click on the picture you’ll get a slightly bigger version.

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