June 2006

i finally broke down and bought a lomo lca camera. when i first started getting into toy cameras i wasn’t that interested in the lca. the holga caused me to fall in love with the square shot, and for a long time i didn’t want to shoot anything that wasn’t square, but over time i came to appreciate both square and rectangular shots. then i started craving this little camera. prices for it in taiwan were a bit expensive(usually around 5,500 – 9,000 nt(around 180-300 u.s.) as most cameras here tend to be. so i bought it from overseas for a bit cheaper. of course the lca isn’t really a toy as it has a glass lens and is much closer to being a “real” camera but i’m still looking forward to playing around with it.


this week’s audioscrobbler chart. in a bit of an 80s mood this week.

mondo daddkin. a wonderful new mp3 blog. i’d read about this site having a motherlode of downloads by the brady kids, but it took my sister telling me about the batman stuff to finally get me to check it out. which is sort of odd, as the brady kids stuff probably interests me more than the batman stuff. though i’m digging both.

i’m not a big fan of pitchfork, nor of these best of lists, but their 100 awesome music videos(via yip yop) are pretty interesting. not so much for what’s included(though there are quite a few interesting things there) – but because they limited it to videos on youtube. so you can see the top videos instead of just reading about them. the write ups for the most part are pretty moronic anyway. but one nice thing is the director is listed so you can see who directed certain videos. i had no idea that toni basil co-directed talking heads’ once in a lifetime.

of course there seems to be a lot of omissions. no rem, no coil, no pizzicato five just to name a few. thinking about what was missing made me wonder if youtube had anything on the plastics and to my complete happiness they did:

this is cool. syd barrett era pink floyd. the quality isn’t great, but to be able to see it at all is a treat. funny to think that some sounds that i thought were just sounds were actually vocals. the interview with roger waters and syd barrett by some old fuddyduddy is hilarious too. via pcl linkdump.

my two new cameras. a brownie bull’s-eye and a kodak duaflex III. my parents had emailed me last week saying they had sent some mysterious package my way, but not telling me what it was. when it arrived i was overjoyed to find these two cameras in the package. they both use 620 film. a film kodak apparently developed so that people would be forced to buy film from them instead of the 120 format that was widely available. today, 620 isn’t readily available but some 620 cameras can take 120 spools. these cameras really can’t, but since both cameras contain a 620 spool i can just respool 120 film onto a 620 reel and shoot it that way. i’ve shot a test roll with the duaflex(i really love the feel of this camera), and i’ve just started to test the bull’s eye camera.

this week’s audioscrobbler chart. i hadn’t realized i’d listened to so much fun boy three. initially i wasn’t that impressed with the new psapp, but now i’m pretty much hooked. though i’d be hard pressed to choose a favourite track. also finally bought a cd by odetta. ever since seeing her on that bob dylan doc i’d wanted to hear more. not sure if the best of i picked up was the best place to start. the recording seems not to be best. seems rather on the quiet side, unless my stereo is just doing something odd.

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