August 2006

i’ve been working my way through john water‘s crackpot. a selection of essays he’s written over the years. one of the essays is devoted to guilty pleasures of the cinematic kind. since this is john waters the list isn’t trash but art house films. the list:

pathetically, i’ve not seen any of these films. i’ve seen part of interiors, but most of the rest i haven’t seen or if i have i’ve forgotten i’ve seen them. i think i’ve seen something by passolini and fassbinder, but i’m not sure what.


the camera van:

One night In the fall of 1993, Harrod Blank had a dream in which he covered his car with cameras and then drove around and took pictures of people on the streets. The public, unaware that the cameras worked, reacted naturally. At the end of the dream, Harrod looked at pictures taken with the van of faces frozen in the moment of awe, pictures so powerful that the next morning he decided to attempt to build such a vehicle in reality.

this is simply amazing. i’d love to get to see this van in person. though part of me is a bit horrified that some of these cameras are dying a premature death. via

someone on flickr let me know that you can now get 110 film in taipei. i love the grain on 110 film, so today i went to the flea market to see if i could find a 110 camera.

the first one i saw was selling for around 10 bucks u.s. way too expensive. especially for a flea market. the boss just kept repeating over and over “it’s a really old camera”. i just told him it was too expensive(didn’t even bother with trying to bargain).

the next camera of interest i found was a polaroid i-zone. my friend erin picked one of these up for me in the states at a thrift shop, but the package got lost on the way to me. so when i saw this for 100nt(about 3 bucks u.s.) i decided i should just pick it up.

after buying this i found another 110 camera, but this time in mint condition. still in the box with its original roll of unopened film. came with a flash. the seller initially wanted 15 bucks for it but dropped it to 10. if i was a camera collector i would have probably got it. but i’m really just interested in getting a cheapo one so i can experiment with it.

the next goodie i found wasn’t a camera at all, but an old viewmaster with about 10 fading reels. the seller wanted about 25 bucks(u.s.) for that. a definate pass. after this i’d seen just about everything and was going to head home. figured maybe i’d just have to have my parents send me their old 110 camera – but on the way out i spotted a ratty 110 that cost me the nice price of 50 nt(around 1.50 u.s.). i’ve bought film, so tomorrow hopefully i’ll get a chance to try it out. i still need to find some i-zone film. didn’t find any when i looked tonight, but i didn’t look very hard.

lomography have released a book on the holga. when i first saw it i wasn’t sure if i was going to get it as it was a bit pricey. but then i discovered that some members of are in it, which made me want it a little more. in the end i broke down and bought it at eslite. i wasn’t too happy when i realized after paying that it is one of the books where the eslite discount card doesn’t get you a discount. but once i got it home and started thumbing through it i was very happy that i had bought it. there are lots of great images in it, and i’m already getting inpired to try new things with my holga. i wish i would have been a little more on top of things and had submitted work for the book, but oh well.

this week’s audioscrobbler chart. i decided to turn off the pictures since with the pictures on you lose the data on tracks played. i’ve been giving the new legendary pink dots album a lot of play recently. i think it may be the best album they’ve done in years. i’d forgotten how much i liked the (english) beat and adam and the ants. one of the bonus tracks on dirk wears white sox is called friends and it mentions the woodentops. is he really referring to the band the woodentops? i had no idea they were even around in 1979/80. there was one rather dark song of their’s i really liked, but didn’t care for their more poppy stuff. (on further investigation i see there was a television show called the woodentops which is probably what he is referring to.)

wow, this is pretty amazing. a site devoted to spaceage transportation. transportation futuristics. any site that has a section on monorails gets a thumbs up from me. via everlasting blort.

there’s a thread at tiki central on disneyland’s tahitian terrace restaurant. the illustration on the menu is gorgeous. i’m not sure i’d ever heard of the restaurant until seeing this thread. but then i was always more interested in the rides at disneyland than the restaurants. via eye of the goof.

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