someone on flickr let me know that you can now get 110 film in taipei. i love the grain on 110 film, so today i went to the flea market to see if i could find a 110 camera.

the first one i saw was selling for around 10 bucks u.s. way too expensive. especially for a flea market. the boss just kept repeating over and over “it’s a really old camera”. i just told him it was too expensive(didn’t even bother with trying to bargain).

the next camera of interest i found was a polaroid i-zone. my friend erin picked one of these up for me in the states at a thrift shop, but the package got lost on the way to me. so when i saw this for 100nt(about 3 bucks u.s.) i decided i should just pick it up.

after buying this i found another 110 camera, but this time in mint condition. still in the box with its original roll of unopened film. came with a flash. the seller initially wanted 15 bucks for it but dropped it to 10. if i was a camera collector i would have probably got it. but i’m really just interested in getting a cheapo one so i can experiment with it.

the next goodie i found wasn’t a camera at all, but an old viewmaster with about 10 fading reels. the seller wanted about 25 bucks(u.s.) for that. a definate pass. after this i’d seen just about everything and was going to head home. figured maybe i’d just have to have my parents send me their old 110 camera – but on the way out i spotted a ratty 110 that cost me the nice price of 50 nt(around 1.50 u.s.). i’ve bought film, so tomorrow hopefully i’ll get a chance to try it out. i still need to find some i-zone film. didn’t find any when i looked tonight, but i didn’t look very hard.