September 2006

sorry for the lack of posts around here. things have been pretty hectic. if all goes as planned peter and i will be moving to southern taiwan at the end of next week. updates will be sporadic at best from now until we’ve gotten settled. also, we’ll no longer have our own server after that time. if anyone has a good suggestion for a cheap service where i can store the images for the blog i’d like to hear it. i know i could do it via flickr but i’d rather keep flickr and the blog somewhat seperate.


scrubbles has started a cool group over on flickr devoted to old disneyland souvenirs. the pool is pretty small so far, but what is there is cool! i miss the days when disneyland actually had tickets…

library smut. yeup, a small collection of shots of gorgeous libraries. i just wish there were more images. maybe i need to venture into some of the taipei libraries to see if there is anything interesting lurking in those buildings…via quiddity.

well, the picture problem has been solved. so back to blogging. this week’s audioscrobbler chart. i got into a big echo and the bunnymen mood this last week and listened to the crystal days 3 disc set. i’d forgotten how much i really love a lot of their stuff. i also pulled out some stereolab. there was a time in the 90s where i listened to them almost everyday. of course this lead me to getting somewhat burned out on them so that it’s pretty hard for me to listen to them today.

we’re having some technical difficulties(ie. no pictures). hopefully everything will be back up and running soon.

this is pretty cool. atari keychains. if i’m reading this correctly, it’s more than just a keychain, but you can plug them into your tv and play the real games! coolness. via teamdroid.

somehow,i missed this the first time around. but back in august there was an avantgarde film blog-a-thon. different blogs writing about avantgarde/experimental film. here’s a post on the films of joseph cornell. i have to admit i wasn’t overly impressed by his film work when i first saw it, but i probably should view it again to see if i still feel that way. after the main post there’s a list of links to other posts that were part of the event. i haven’t gotten around to reading them all, but i plan to once i get the time.

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