yesterday peter and i went to his second youngest sister’s wedding. it was out in the countryside of taichung county. there were no strippers or ugly drag queens performing as entertainment at this wedding(unlike his other sister’s wedding) but still was quite different from your western wedding.

the whole proceeding was like some variety show. the hostess guided the proceedings through various song and dance numbers, speeches(including one by a local legislator – he appeared long enough to go up on stage to toast the bride and groom and eat something before quickly disappearing), and some karaoke volunteers. the best karaoke was by this 7 or 8 year old kid that marched up on stage like he’d done it all his life and stood there impatiently until the hostess had quit gabbing so he could do his number. the volume was very loud, like being at a rock concert or something. crazy. one of the variety numbers was by this group of women who practice dancing in the evening in the park apparently. i managed to shoot some very poor quality footage of it with my cell phone:

i sadly wasn’t able to get any footage of the little kid karaoke star, but i did get a few seconds worth of the pink ladies. 20 women who are apparently somehow related to the groom. the quality is pretty horrible and my cell phone will only shoot less than a minute in a go, but i’m sort of attracted to the lo-fi quality of all this so i may be posting more boring videos over at youtube. not sure yet.

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