November 2006

the hype machine. my friend ted told me about this awhile back, but i’m just getting around to checking it out. basically, it searches blogs and forms a list of what bands(mp3s) are being posted on the net. it’s even set up so you can listen to the mp3s with various players as a sort of random playlist. i haven’t tried out that function as i usually have too much to listen to anyway. there is also a search function so you can see who is posting about pizzicato five, madness, martin denny, etc.


the ward-o-matic has posted some choice pages from a fallout shelter handbook. fascinating and a bit scary at the same time. via scrubbles.

i really need to visit the swapatorium more often. whenever i’m there it’s always chock full of such great and interesting things. like this small set of 30s photos from the macy’s thanksgiving parade. via everlasting blort.

thanks to my friend keith i’ve learned how to do inkjet photo transfers.

the process is pretty simple. first you need some of that label paper used to print out labels at home on. remove the labels so all that is left is the wax paper underneath. print your photo on your printer using that paper(i set my printer to glossy photo paper for this since it seemed somewhat close to what was needed).

take the paper you want to do the transfer on(i used some from an old sketch book i had laying around) and soak it in water. dry it a little so that it’s damp and then either place it on top of the wax paper print out or vice versa. carefully peel them apart and you’ll have your transfer.

if the paper is too wet you’ll end up with just abstract smudges but if it’s damp you should have smudges plus the image. you can either let the air dry it or use a hairdryer. i’m impatient so of course i used a hairdryer.

once you’ve done the transfer, you can wipe off the excess ink on the wax paper and use it again.

above on the left is the transfer while on the right is the original photo it came from. i have a small set here of the transfers i’ve done so far. there’ll be more added as i do more. i’m already itching to try my hand at a set of postcards using this technique.

this week’s audioscrobbler chart. been in a bit of an 80s mood i guess. but that’s not that unusual for me anyway.

i’ve been hoping someone would do this for awhile. a comp of all(or nearly all) the incidental music used on the ren and stimpy show available as a free download. while you’re over at secret fun blog downloading – you might want to check out this little post on the evolution of snuffleupagus. via eye of the goof.

my friend james recently made it to the abandoned resort up in san zhi. while there he found an old water damaged photo album. he’s been scanning some of the choice photos from it. why is it i never stumble upon things like this? james has a real talent for discovering these sort of things.

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