December 2006

well, as most people know we had quite a strong earthquake a few days ago. i was teaching a class when it hit. funny thing about earthquakes is you usually hear them before you feel them. i was unusually calm during this one. just stood around chatting with my students as the lights above us swayed and shook.

last night i was watching the local news, and for some reason they were airing a cnn report on the earthquake. the cnn newcaster had someone on the phone in taiwan to report on the quake. the person was in taipei(far from the quake) and started talking about the fact that the mrt(subway) in taipei had been shut down for a few minutes for safety checks. why is he talking about taipei??! taipei wasn’t anywhere near the epicenter. this would be like there being an earthquake in new york city, but a news anchor calling someone in boston to report on the damage in nyc and then not even mentioning nyc. crazy. needless to say as soon as he started reporting on taipei i changed the channel.

these were the only victims in my house from the quake:


ok, so really that was just an excuse to take crappy camphone shots of some of my toys.


this week’s audioscrobbler chart. i somehow missed last week’s. there’s a certain lack of christmas music on the chart, mainly because i couldn’t find where i’d put my christmas music until practically christmas day. one day i’ll finish getting my cds back in their rightful places.

this is pretty cool. a bbc documentary on lomo and lomography has been put up on youtube. i’m not a big fan of lomography, i like the promotion they give for film photography and toy cameras or more lo-fi cameras, but i hate their inflated prices and the selling of a “lifestyle”. the documentary doesn’t exactly ask any tough questions, but it isn’t as big of a fluff piece as it might have been. plus you get to learn about the history of the lomo factory from people working there.

christmas cameras. this year, christmas was all about photography. box cameras, polaroids, even a slide printer! now to just find the time to shoot most of these new cameras.

recohan. a site that details one persons music collection. lots of new wave and fun japanese stuff in their collection. i especially like the little part where they write little reviews about stuff in their collection and how easy or difficult it was to find them. via

nothing. the latest collaborative gallery from members of the filmwasters photography forum are up. some interesting work here. and of course, one of my shots is included as well.

this is an interesting. an article on how vince guaraldi’s music for the peanuts christmas special may be the most succesful jazz recording of all time. i wouldn’t doubut that – just because most people think of it as the soundtrack to the special not as “jazz”. i found it odd in the article that there was no mention of henry mancini. surely his jazz was gracing tv soundtracks about the same time, but the article might lead you to believe the only jazz on tv was this special. maybe the year it aired it was, but i somehow doubt it. via the sound-scavengers list.

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