January 2007

today i got an email from flickr stating in part:

On March 15th we’ll be discontinuing the old email-based
Flickr sign in system. From that point on, everyone will
have to use a Yahoo! ID to sign in to Flickr.

when i’d heard that yahoo had bought flickr i felt like it was very bad news as just about everything yahoo touches gets heavily screwed up. typically there’s lots of bitching and moaning going on about being forced to use a yahoo i.d. to sign in(something i’m very unhappy about myself). a less cynical person would find it nice that they opened a place to give feedback. but i can’t help wondering if it’s just some ploy to make it look like people have a say when in fact they do not. there are a lot of great people using flickr and some great things about it, but it’s also home to lots of censorship and admins on power trips. luckily, i’m usually able to avoid such things.

what is it with these companies wanting people to use one user name/password to log into various websites? isn’t that a huge risk to your personal information? there’s this situation with flickr, there’s blogger wanting everyone to switch and start using their new version which requires a google email account to log into. orkut did the same thing. i’m usually very reluctant to do such things. so i’ve been holding onto old blogger as long as i can, and won’t be merging my flickr account to a yahoo account until the final deadline.


on saturday peter and i got out of the house a little earlier than usual so we could hit the hsimenting flea market one of my students had told me out(larger pictures can be found here here and here).

this marks the third flea market in taiwan i’ve been to and it’s the first one in tainan i’ve been to. it was pretty small, but still fun to look at the junk for sale. surprisingly i didn’t buy anything. i think concerns about space are making me more picky about what i pick up at flea markets and the such.

eventhough the flea market was small i still saw a few cool cameras. a seagull and a polaroid camera used to take passport pictures among others. there were records for sale too, but i didn’t really spend much time looking through them. i’m still thinking about this toolcraft box. i’m really curious if it was empty, if so maybe i should have gotten it. i’m sure i could have found something to store in it. hmm.

while i was taking one of these shots an old man with blood red teeth(a sign of chewing betel nut) came up to me very curious about my brownie hawkeye flash. i told him it was a camera(in chinese). he didn’t seem to understand what i said until another old man repeated what i said. his red teeth were sort of freaking me out so after that i wandered off to find peter. of course now i’m wishing i would have taken his picture.

the flea market is on bei an road and yude road just before you cross bei an bridge.

The year was 1965…

Irwin Allen’s hit TV series, “Lost in Space”, had captured the imagination of future “space colonists” across America. Every boy dreamed of being William Robinson… and why not? Never before had “Space” been so cool.

It is now 40 years later and we still dream of having our very own Robot!

It is with this same enthusiasm that B9Creations is excited to announce our production and sale of Full Size, Limited Edition, Fully Licensed Replicas of this amazing TV Icon!

if i had an extra $24,500 burning a hole in my pocket i’d be getting one of these for sure. via teamdroid.

this week’s audioscrobbler chart. a cd shop near my work had a sale recently so i picked up a compilation by magazine, a live cd by public image ltd. and the soundtrack to pecker among other things. it’s nice to hear old public image ltd. again. magazine were one of those bands that i was aware of but never really explored in the 80s and now i’m not sure why. of course pecker is just chock full of wacky john waters wonderness.

this is crazy. this christian site has a list of bands that may turn your kids gay. the warning on the site reads:

One of the most dangerous ways homosexuality invades family life is through popular music. Parents should keep careful watch over their children’s listening habits, especially in this Internet Age of MP3 piracy.

the band list is pretty crazy. i mean ted nugent is on the list!??! apparently seeing ted in a loincloth can turn people gay. morrissey on the otherhand is “questionable”. i’m not sure i understand how frank sinatra ended up on the list. maybe i’m missing something, or was he having some sort of clandestine affair with sammy all those years? boy george gets an asterdisk after his name, but no mention of what said asterdisk means.

the top of the page has a quote from oscar wilde and after his name they say “reformed homosexual”. weird.

the “safe” band list is a little less perplexing. though surely it’s some mistake, the dresden dolls are safe? do they know about this? if i was in a band i’d be insulted to be included on the safe list. via pcl linkdump.

more photographic insanity. harrassed and assaulted for taking a picture of a building. sounds very suspicious. especially since the “police officer” refused to show i.d. proving whether he was indeed a police officer. it happened back in june, i wonder what the final outcome of this all was?

what’s the highest pitch you can hear? this japanese site plays you different pitches so you can see at what level you stop hearing. just click on the cat to start the test. i stop hearing at 14,000Hz. via chipple.

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