on sunday i went to kaohsiung to check out this show on vintage cameras they are having at the national science and technology museum. the show was fantastic. rows and rows of vintage cameras. surprisingly only one or two did i own. lots of box cameras and early 35mm cameras even some polaroids. it looks like a large portion of the show originated in japan, as most of the text on sample photos included some japanese and there was mention of some japanese film society as well. there was also some shots of an early film society in kaoshiung that looked pretty cool. a few interesting things i learned from the show: in the 1930s kodak gave away 50,000 boxcameras to children to help expand who took pictures and they also released box cameras in candy colours to attract women to photography(it’s a camera – but it’s also a colour coordinated accessory). sadly, there was no catalogue for the show, but i’m starting to think i should hunt down a book on vintage cameras if i can find one.