a week or so ago i got issue five of lightleaks magazine. my first since subscribing(also i think the first offered to be able to get via a subscription). it’s a bit sad seeing this issue as i had a shot accepted for this issue, and then screwed up and missed the deadline. looks like i’m not the only one either judging by a statement in the magazine. despite that there is some cool stuff in here. an interview with a pinhole photographer, an article on doing tintypes(which i found a little hard to follow as it’s not a straight forward how to article) and other goodies.

the reader’s gallery was one of the best i’ve seen, but the showcase section(where one photographer showcases some of their work) seemed a bit on the weak side. i have a feeling part of this may be due to the size of the images being too small(some images work well small – others do not) or just work that doesn’t appeal to me. there was at least one image that looked like it was just taken of a poster/advertising and another shot of a picture hanging on a wall – both of which felt rather flat and uninteresting. some of this problem(especially the colour/flatness) could be the result of going from rgb to cmyk, but i’d still have liked to see stronger work.