March 2007

i’m having some problems with the comments. until blogger can fix the problem i’m going to be taking a short(hopefully) break from posting.


i’m going to be doing some work on the template. so if things look a bit off or just plain different you’ll know why.

this week’s audioscrobbler chart. a mix of new, old and older.

today i got up before god so i could catch the early train up to taichung(1.5 – 2 hour trip) to take in the flea market up there. the flea market was smaller than the ones in taipei and kaohsiung, but still nice. i didn’t find any old pictures for sale, but lots of old vinyl, some toys and a variety of old asian stuff along with the usual assortment of power tools and sex toys. i took quite a few snapshots but i’m not sure how well they’ll turn out as most of the flea market is in a covered area.

the only thing i bought while there were these postcards(they may look like originals but i’m sure their not. oh, and if you click on the thumbnails you’ll be taken to a page to view them bigger). i bought them with the intention of sending them to a friend in the states.

one seller even had the magazine about old toys on hand(i blogged about it here – for some reason i expected that post to be more popular than it was). he was selling stuff that could be found in there – or things very similiar. but rather pricey. a little plastic boy on a tin tricycle for about 15 bucks u.s. ouch. some other sellers were selling the tatung mascot banks. but at (u.s.) 15 bucks and 25 bucks i won’t be buying them anytime soon.

one seller talked to me in english and wasn’t too happy that i took a picture of his wares without asking him first. seemed really odd to me. i then asked if i could take a picture of him and he said no.

there was one seller selling old cameras. among them a seagull and a rolleicord. i was afraid to ask how much the rollei was going for as cameras in taiwan tend to be expensive. they liked my brownie starflex, and were even more impressed when i told them i was shooting 35mm with it. i’m sure i’ll regret not asking the price on that camera.

in that last set of dvds that arrived – along with the kenneth anger came this disc of films by mike kuchar. sins of the fleshapoids is often heralded as some sort of underground masterpiece and john waters is on record as stating its major influence on him. it is a fine bit of kooky sci-fi b-movieness, but i found i preferred the other two films on this disc more(the secret of wendel samson and the craven sluck). aside from the visual elements in the film, what stands out is the sound. on the surface it has similiarities to what nurse with wound, tipsy or messerchups may do with thrift store records, but here the mix up is used to illustrate characters mood/state of mind.

the disc comes with trailers with two more films that i’m pretty certain i’m going to have to add to my collection in the not too distant future: the 70s dimension and tribulation 99. they aren’t by mike kuchar, but i hope there will be more kuchar releases in the future.

monsanto house of the future. i’m still dreaming of living in such a place. the 21st century has been such a disappointment. but at least there are things like this to remind us of what it could have been like.

the inside is pretty swanky too:

via junkyard clubhouse which is fast becoming one of my favourite blogs.

when i was down in kaohsiung at the meet up i met someone that suggested that the problem i had with my sx-70 polaroid camera may be dead batteries(it mysteriously stopped working) – he turned out to be right. then today i found this thread on flickr about how to mod the camera so it could take 600 film without adding filters(actually by taking one away, and very simply at that). i tried it and it works! this is my first test featuring the ansco readyflash. a camera my parents gave me shortly after xmas. speaking of which, they’ve just informed me that they have more cameras to send me. is it possible to have too many cameras?

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