in that last set of dvds that arrived – along with the kenneth anger came this disc of films by mike kuchar. sins of the fleshapoids is often heralded as some sort of underground masterpiece and john waters is on record as stating its major influence on him. it is a fine bit of kooky sci-fi b-movieness, but i found i preferred the other two films on this disc more(the secret of wendel samson and the craven sluck). aside from the visual elements in the film, what stands out is the sound. on the surface it has similiarities to what nurse with wound, tipsy or messerchups may do with thrift store records, but here the mix up is used to illustrate characters mood/state of mind.

the disc comes with trailers with two more films that i’m pretty certain i’m going to have to add to my collection in the not too distant future: the 70s dimension and tribulation 99. they aren’t by mike kuchar, but i hope there will be more kuchar releases in the future.