April 2007

i know some people find little marcy’s singing to be really creepy, but seeing her as a puppet singing adds a whole other dimension to it:

via everlasting bort.


on saturday peter and i got up early and drove to taichung. the first place we hit was the flea market. as always it was a joy to look at other people’s junk. the person who wasn’t too happy about me for taking pictures of his wares last time was not there this time. i took a few shots, but not like i may have in the past. surprisingly i found this lomo knockoff called the “action 4”. archee mcphees sells a version of this camera as well. the woman wanted 200 nt(around 6 u.s.) for it, but i talked her down to 150nt, i probably should have tried to talk her down lower but bargaining isn’t really my forte. also at the flea market i saw an old polaroid land camera in pristine shape. i thought it might be a 4X5 camera when i first saw it. the seller wanted 2000 nt(about 60 u.s.) for it, but sanity prevailed and i didn’t buy it.

after the flea market peter and i hit la gare a diy market they have in taichung. it’s a bit smaller than the diy market in tainan and of course quite a few of the vendors seem to be regulars at the tainan markets. as usual i came away with postcards for postcrossing activities:

clicking on the pictures will enlarge them. oldnew lady (door frame) recognized us from the tainan diy market which was nice. i was happy to see her again as i really like her cards. the other vendors i didn’t recognize but i like the cards i bought from them. i really like how the card from bulikon looks like they are playing on a giant board of life(speaking of which, it looks like you can download demos of various computer version of old board games here. hmm).

after the flea market we explored some of taichung i’d not seen before(i’d pass on tunghai art street – doesn’t live up to its name at all). then we drove down to sun moon lake a popular vacation spot in taiwan. i’d been wanting to go there for years. it was nice, but next time we’ll have to take a boat out onto the water. the stereo in peter’s car has no cd player, so we were subjected to what the radio had to offer. man, do taiwanese djs just talk and talk and talk…sometimes we were just scanning and scanning to find any music at all. some of the most interesting stuff was on the karaoke station(where people call in and sing along to old songs), moreso when they just played the song as an instrumental.

today was worldwide pinhole photography day. i’d hoped to take shots while on this little trip. but when i went to reload/rebuild the camera i had some problems that couldn’t be fixed until we got home. so much for grand plans of shooting interesting things in different locations. instead i took shots around the house. maybe not mindblowing, but that’s the way it goes.

the chain. photographs by chien-chi chang.

700 psychiatric patients live chained together in pairs, and are forced to tend more than one million chickens at the largest chicken farm in Taiwan. Portraits of the players in this real yet surreal drama were photographed with kindness, respect and compassion by Magnum photographer Chien-Chi Chang.

i’ve seen these photographs quite a few times at museums here, but didn’t realize there had been a book published in the west on them before. apparently, there’s set to be a special edition version published this year that comes in a metal box. via gmtPlus9(-15)

last week one half of the taiwanese indie-pop band natural q were in tainan for a free show at the eslite bookstore. natural q were originally a duo with a female singer. after two albums the lead singer quit and moved to hk. the remaining member has continued using the name. his show was just him and his guitar. i think he was surprised to see a foreinger at the show as he sort of did a double take when he saw me. he did songs from all three of their albums(the third was released after wawa(the female lead) left the band). he did a lot of my favourite songs and told stories between the songs. i couldn’t catch everything he said, but at least he didn’t talk too long.

i took a few shots at the show, but as you can see from the shot above, they didn’t come out that great. the only stuff i could find on you tube was from when they did some shows in singapore:

it’s not the greatest quality, there are more short videos here. and this one is just a shot of their album cover as one of their songs plays.

fantastic! there’s a new album out by twink(the toy piano band). it’s called truckin’ ice cream and features a lot of guest musicans. once i get the cash together i’ll be ordering that. i have yet to be disappointed with any of the other twink releases. via yip yop.

this looks both cool and scary. a roller coaster in japan that is self-powered. you pedal it to make it move. it doesn’t appear to have any big hills, but being extended overground like that would definately up the fear factor for me. via teamdroid.

this is my first post since moving the blog to wordpress. i’m still getting used to how things work around here, so if things seem a bit off, or missing you’ll know why.

this is by far the best card i’ve gotten from postcrossing. it makes me want to run out and send off some more postcards. i’m planning to hit another diy market this weekend, so i’m hoping to find some worthy cards for postcrossing adventures.

things have been pretty sporadic around here. i still haven’t managed to get comments to work again. blogger seems pretty unhelpful so i’m looking at moving the blog. right now i’m considering both wordpress and moveable type. either of these options will require a lot more work(at least initially) on my end. but hopefully in the end they’d make things much better. if anyone has other suggestions feel free to email me about it.

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