last week one half of the taiwanese indie-pop band natural q were in tainan for a free show at the eslite bookstore. natural q were originally a duo with a female singer. after two albums the lead singer quit and moved to hk. the remaining member has continued using the name. his show was just him and his guitar. i think he was surprised to see a foreinger at the show as he sort of did a double take when he saw me. he did songs from all three of their albums(the third was released after wawa(the female lead) left the band). he did a lot of my favourite songs and told stories between the songs. i couldn’t catch everything he said, but at least he didn’t talk too long.

i took a few shots at the show, but as you can see from the shot above, they didn’t come out that great. the only stuff i could find on you tube was from when they did some shows in singapore:

it’s not the greatest quality, there are more short videos here. and this one is just a shot of their album cover as one of their songs plays.