May 2007

charles nelson reilly has died. not so surprising none of the obituaries i’ve read have mentioned his stint on lidsville. goodbye charles.


codex seraphinianvs. this all seems vaguely familiar. i think one of my friends in college may have had a book of this. i wish the new reprints of this weren’t so expensive. the whole idea is really fascinating:

Strange and Extraordinary Representations of Animals and Plants and Hellish Incarnations of Normal Items from the Annals of Naturalist/Unnaturalist Luigi Serafini

This web site is dedicated to giving information (what little there is) on the weirdest book in the world, the CODEX SERAPHINIANUS. The Codex is a collection of original artwork by Italian artist Luigi Serafini, presented as a travalogue or scientific study of an alien world. Unlike such alien worlds as Darwin IV in Barlowe’s Expedition, which one might find in a science fiction novel, the world in the Codex is obviously some kind of perverse reflection of our own. All of the Codex is presented entirely in an obscure alien writing. This writing, in combination with the bizarre pictures, is what finally puts the Codex in its own league for weirdness. For instance, on one page is a “Rosetta Stone” – only it just translates Codex script into another alien language. A lecturer presenting the “Stone” is nonchalantly stabbing a red blob inside of it while he points out aspects of the script. The whole effect is unimaginable, even after several “readings”…

well, even if i can’t have the book at least we can experience some of it thanks to the web. via jumbotronics.

natural q have a new ep out. i haven’t gotten it yet, but will soon. the ep comes with a cool cardboard truck you can fold into a truck. too bad more local bands(or just bands in general) didn’t offer such cool packaging like this.

this has probably been all over the net, and i’m only now discovering it. a site that lets you draw a crude character with your mouse and then it makes it dance very frighteningly. i think i need to improve my drawing skills. via inexistent man’s blog.

an early live performance by french and saunders:

for some reason i never think of them doing stuff live, but i know that’s how they started out. hilarious. i want more. via pcl linkdump.

the pulp dioramas of thomas allen. these are pretty cool. but somehow i think i’d like these even better if the artist wasn’t relying on found images but creating the pulplike images himself. via design inspiration.

i’m not sure who at doc martens thought this was a good idea. but for me it makes me never want to buy their products again.

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