when peter and i were in taichung i noticed a familiar name on the cover of a taiwanese design magazine. it turned out it was no mistake, my friend james had been interviewed by x-cup magazine as part of their “foreign creators in taiwan” issue. initially i was a bit unimpressed with the magazine. i suspect a lot of this has to do with the fact that i found the cover art hideous(aren’t big breasted skimpily dressed women passe?) which influenced my initial thumbing through the magazine.

after my first thumb through, i wondered why poagao wasn’t in it. but upon closer inspection he is in it, they just call him t.c. lin. after i realized he was in it, i wondered does he count as a foreigner? he’s the only foreigner i can think of who has become a taiwanese citizen. at the top of his interview it says “i’m taiwanese!”. in the end i don’t think it really matters. oddly, i think the pictures of his they included aren’t neccesarily his strongest.

of the other foreigners included the three i found most interesting were keith jones, harley smart and michael davidson. they have an illustration style i quite like. i was also happy to see syko song was in here. i believe he organized a film camera show up in taipei last year which i would have really liked to have seen.

something i knew about when i lived in taipei, which i feel even more strongly since moving to southern taiwan is how taipei centric most things in taiwan are(this often results in taipei people being arrogant and cold). this magazine seems no different. surely there must be creative foreigners living outside taipei. this last weekend a foreign friend of peter’s called. and he asked peter how i liked tainan. peter said “william hates taipei now”. i corrected him and said “i don’t hate taipei” but it’s certainly taken a nosedive since i’ve moved south. now taipei is just shopping, movies, museums but not much more. if i didn’t have friends there, i don’t know if i’d be so eager to take trips up there.