today i went to kaohsiung, so of course i had to stop by the flea market. i was half-heartedly looking for a super8 camera, but didn’t find any. of course i couldn’t come away empty handed. i found someone selling expired konica bw film, so i bought a bunch(almost all he had). i saw a 110 cannon or minolta – i forget – that i was tempted by. the battery compartment looked a bit corroded, and i wasn’t sure what kind of battery it took, then when the seller told me he wanted 400 nt for it(about 12 bucks u.s.) i just passed on it. it was probably for the best as later i found a fisher price 110 camera! it’s a bit dirty, so it needs some cleaning, but still, fisher price! after finding that camera i found an aphex twin cd. it looks a bit dirty, but at 30 nt it hardly matters.

later in the day i went to an art fair i’d learned about from room design. the market wasn’t like your typical taiwanese diy market. it felt much more like an arts and crafts market, and as such had a lot less stuff that interested me. almost no postcards at all. i did buy a small notebook with a demented bunny on the cover from one vendor. there was another vendor selling cool metal things he’d made(pigs and other stuff). he doesn’t have a website, but when i took his card he said to me in english “it’s my hobby, not my job”.