there’s a new on line photography magazine out called without lenses. the main focus being pinhole photography. the first issue features interviews with craig j. barber (who recently(at least i learned about it recently) published a book of pinhole photographs from a trip to viet nam), joseph babock(who also recently published a book – his on low tech photography among other things(the vw van camera above is his(yes, that’s a camera)), and tom persinger who organized the f295 photography symposium(i posted about the show in conjunction with this here). the books that craig j. barber and jospeh babock published look interesting. but the barber book is a bit out of my price range at 45 bucks, but the babock book is much more affordable at $19.95. now to see if i can find a bookstore locally that can order it for me. i don’t have high hopes for such things after i was told the toying with creativity book was out of print when it wasn’t.