today i stopped by eslite and did some cd shopping. i picked up this ep that’s been put out in conjunction with the grass festival. a few years ago there was a festival in taipei called grass highlighting a lot of indie-pop bands from asia. it was very laid back and introduced me to my favourite local band: dolly’s pillbox. well, now they are having the grass festival again, but this time in ilan. my little airport is playing and i’d like to see them, but i’m not sure about the logistics of getting there in time to see the majority of the bands. it looks like dolly’s pillbox isn’t playing this time, but if they do/are i’ll probably try harder to get to the festival. as for the cd, what i’ve heard so far is ok, but not particularly exciting. there is a new track(at least i think it’s new) by my little airport and a track by dolly’s pillbox, but a lot of the other stuff just isn’t doing much for me.

i also picked up the new ep by natural q. it’s ok, but not up to the standards of their earlier releases. maybe this will grow on me overtime.

for anyone that may be curious, i continued my stuck in the 80s rut of late by picking up a few releases by rem, bowie and gary numan.