i’m digging this. someone created a homemade telephoto lens for the holga:

Don’t you wish you had a full Holga outfit with wide and long lenses? I did! So I made a holga with a portrait lens. This is a single-element, plastic, 110mm lens. It is all the things that make Holgas great: Non-anachromatic, non-aspheric, non-astigmatic, and even more pincushioning than the Holga 60mm.

Built using a $2.49 magnifying glass from Walgreens (lovingly extracted from its housing with a 1″ wood chisel) and about $15 of plumbing supplies (counting the stuff I bought “just in case” but never used). The Holga shutter had to be replaced since the aperture was much too small. I had purchased a cheapo Metax shutter on ebay a couple of months ago for $20, thinking I’d put it on a pinhole camera. This is a much better use! (The pinhole shutter will remain a strip of electrical tape.)

photos taken with it can be seen here.

speaking of the holga there’s a pretty thorough faq on the camera here. it could use a few more pictures to illustrate things but still quite nice. i think the information on the f-stop is wrong. i seem to recall someone took there’s a part and tested it and it was not f-8, but it’s a minor quibble. via teamdroid.

speaking of photography, i’ve started a new photoblog as i got tired of how things were going on blogger. those interested can witness the rebirth here.