awhile back issue 6 of lightleaks magazine arrived. finally, i’m getting around to posting about it. before it arrived i’d heard that they had changed the size of the magazine(made it smaller) while adding more pages. at first i wasn’t sure if i was going to like it, but once i took a look at it – i quite liked it. the new size is very suitable for the square pictures they usually publish.

another change is that this issue has some book reviews in it for some limited edition photography books. the books sound nice(though at least one is out of my price range), but if i’m going to buy a photography book i usually like to hold the book in my hand to make sure i really want to buy it.

this issue also features a write up on the shumy camera. in toycam circles this camera tends to be a bit rarer. when i got one a few years ago i couldn’t find any information on it, but thanks to this little write up i know a little more. sadly, my shumy is pretty much dead now.