i’ve been reading this book called women & experimental filmmaking. i recently ran across this description of an animated film which i found interesting:

As windy day opens, two girls are playing in a meadow. Emily, the older girl is primarily concerned with social roles, concocting stories about princes, damsels in distress, and marriage. As she recounts them, the field behind her sprouts childlike drawins of castles and dragons. Emily becomes Prince Valiant, her dress turned into a doublet and tights. Because it is her play, Emily gets to do all the active things while her little sister, Georgia, waits. (Emily has since become a well-known animator; Georgia is a member of the band Yo La Tengo.) Emily’s control of the narrative doesn’t last indefinately.

aside from the sisterly rivalry issue, i found it interesting that both the sister’s followed in their parents'(john and faith hubley) footsteps of creativity. one as an animator like her parents and one in music.