saturday peter had to work(eventhough it’s dragon boat festival and most people have a 4 day weekend), so while he was at work i took the train to kaohsiung to hit the flea market. i think i’ve been spoiled by the film i’ve found there in the past, so now i practically expect there to be film there. of course there wasn’t any. but i picked up another camera. it’s a cheapo barebones 35mm affair, but how could i resist it with a cute turtle on it? plus it was only 50 nt. it’s called the arcan mf-10t. tonight i tore it apart and flipped the lens to see how that alters pictures it usually takes. i’m not really expecting much from the results, but i have a few lenses from other cameras i can try to mod it with if i find this uninteresting. and if that fails, it’ll become another pinhole camera. i’ve yet to alter a regular camera into a pinhole. so if that happens with this camera it’ll be a first. the camera is a bit similar to a camera i bought at flea market in taipei a year or more ago.