today is the final day of the dragon boat holiday. instead of taking in some dragon boat races we drove up to lugang. on the way there peter’s sister called and asked what we were doing. since we were all heading to the same basic area, we decided to meet up in lugang. in total there were six of us. before we reached lugang, we stopped by a reststop. reststops in taiwan tend to be a bit different from the ones in the states. they often have a gas station attached, bathrooms, and some sort of food court. at this one we found this funky little train that contains famous crackers from chiayi. it was only 150 nt which is quite cheap so i couldn’t pass on it.

in lugang we wandered around taking in temples and checking out what the various vendors were selling. one vendor had these sort of voodoo doll keyrings for sale. i ended up coming away with two:

i nicknamed the one with all the hair lily after peter’s sister that was with us today.

after the vendor we came upon a ringtoss game. i usually don’t pay much attention to these, but this one gave you a decent size bucket of rings to toss for 50 nt. the six of us split two buckets. i of course suck at the ring toss and didn’t win anything, but nearly everyone else did, and they gave me the toys they didn’t want: