on sunday evening peter and decided on a whim to drive up to chiayi to have a look around. while there we stumbled upon a nifty toy store. it wasn’t the greatest toy store, but what i liked about it was there were some things that were priced on the cheapside. this of course lead to me buying some things. sorry for the poor quality pictures, just snapped them real quick on my cell phone. the peanuts keyrings were a bit strange. no sally or linus, but a bunch of incarnations of snoopy or distant relatives. but who’s that fat dog between charlie brown and lucy?

i always forget what this character’s name is, but it’s a famous japanese comic and cartoon. in this toy he is cleaning the floor. you can make him move so he’ll scoot along the floor.

and finally i picked up this little green alien. i’m sure he must be from something, but to me he’s just a cool green alien.