June 2007

saturday peter had to work(eventhough it’s dragon boat festival and most people have a 4 day weekend), so while he was at work i took the train to kaohsiung to hit the flea market. i think i’ve been spoiled by the film i’ve found there in the past, so now i practically expect there to be film there. of course there wasn’t any. but i picked up another camera. it’s a cheapo barebones 35mm affair, but how could i resist it with a cute turtle on it? plus it was only 50 nt. it’s called the arcan mf-10t. tonight i tore it apart and flipped the lens to see how that alters pictures it usually takes. i’m not really expecting much from the results, but i have a few lenses from other cameras i can try to mod it with if i find this uninteresting. and if that fails, it’ll become another pinhole camera. i’ve yet to alter a regular camera into a pinhole. so if that happens with this camera it’ll be a first. the camera is a bit similar to a camera i bought at flea market in taipei a year or more ago.


i’ve been reading this book called women & experimental filmmaking. i recently ran across this description of an animated film which i found interesting:

As windy day opens, two girls are playing in a meadow. Emily, the older girl is primarily concerned with social roles, concocting stories about princes, damsels in distress, and marriage. As she recounts them, the field behind her sprouts childlike drawins of castles and dragons. Emily becomes Prince Valiant, her dress turned into a doublet and tights. Because it is her play, Emily gets to do all the active things while her little sister, Georgia, waits. (Emily has since become a well-known animator; Georgia is a member of the band Yo La Tengo.) Emily’s control of the narrative doesn’t last indefinately.

aside from the sisterly rivalry issue, i found it interesting that both the sister’s followed in their parents'(john and faith hubley) footsteps of creativity. one as an animator like her parents and one in music.

awhile back issue 6 of lightleaks magazine arrived. finally, i’m getting around to posting about it. before it arrived i’d heard that they had changed the size of the magazine(made it smaller) while adding more pages. at first i wasn’t sure if i was going to like it, but once i took a look at it – i quite liked it. the new size is very suitable for the square pictures they usually publish.

another change is that this issue has some book reviews in it for some limited edition photography books. the books sound nice(though at least one is out of my price range), but if i’m going to buy a photography book i usually like to hold the book in my hand to make sure i really want to buy it.

this issue also features a write up on the shumy camera. in toycam circles this camera tends to be a bit rarer. when i got one a few years ago i couldn’t find any information on it, but thanks to this little write up i know a little more. sadly, my shumy is pretty much dead now.

one of my goals for this year was to get one of my photographs printed in a magazine. well, i don’t have super high hopes that that will happen, but i have managed to get two of my shots in print. awhile back fellow flickr user patrick ng contacted me about using two of my sprocket hole images in a stationary newsletter he was starting for his work. no pay for it, but still cool to be in print somewhere. the newsletter is about much more than stationary and as such pretty cool. there’s a pdf version here which i’ve never been able to get to open properly. more can be found here.

one of the things i got peter on his last birthday was a book on old taiwanese illustrations, toys, etc. it’s full of nostalgia for people of a certain age who grew up in taiwan. of course not being taiwanese and obviously not growing up here means for me there isn’t much direct nostalgia in the book, but still lots of great illustrations that are fun and kooky. some things need no direct translation.

the paper dolls i found a bit scary:

after i bought this book for peter, i soon realized i needed to pick up a copy to give to my friend cindy as part of a small care package i was planning to send her. well, she’s recently posted a nice write up on the book. the book is all in chinese(well, what writing there is), so it’s nice to read something in english that explains what some of this stuff is.

i’m digging this. someone created a homemade telephoto lens for the holga:

Don’t you wish you had a full Holga outfit with wide and long lenses? I did! So I made a holga with a portrait lens. This is a single-element, plastic, 110mm lens. It is all the things that make Holgas great: Non-anachromatic, non-aspheric, non-astigmatic, and even more pincushioning than the Holga 60mm.

Built using a $2.49 magnifying glass from Walgreens (lovingly extracted from its housing with a 1″ wood chisel) and about $15 of plumbing supplies (counting the stuff I bought “just in case” but never used). The Holga shutter had to be replaced since the aperture was much too small. I had purchased a cheapo Metax shutter on ebay a couple of months ago for $20, thinking I’d put it on a pinhole camera. This is a much better use! (The pinhole shutter will remain a strip of electrical tape.)

photos taken with it can be seen here.

speaking of the holga there’s a pretty thorough faq on the camera here. it could use a few more pictures to illustrate things but still quite nice. i think the information on the f-stop is wrong. i seem to recall someone took there’s a part and tested it and it was not f-8, but it’s a minor quibble. via teamdroid.

speaking of photography, i’ve started a new photoblog as i got tired of how things were going on blogger. those interested can witness the rebirth here.

today i stopped by eslite and did some cd shopping. i picked up this ep that’s been put out in conjunction with the grass festival. a few years ago there was a festival in taipei called grass highlighting a lot of indie-pop bands from asia. it was very laid back and introduced me to my favourite local band: dolly’s pillbox. well, now they are having the grass festival again, but this time in ilan. my little airport is playing and i’d like to see them, but i’m not sure about the logistics of getting there in time to see the majority of the bands. it looks like dolly’s pillbox isn’t playing this time, but if they do/are i’ll probably try harder to get to the festival. as for the cd, what i’ve heard so far is ok, but not particularly exciting. there is a new track(at least i think it’s new) by my little airport and a track by dolly’s pillbox, but a lot of the other stuff just isn’t doing much for me.

i also picked up the new ep by natural q. it’s ok, but not up to the standards of their earlier releases. maybe this will grow on me overtime.

for anyone that may be curious, i continued my stuck in the 80s rut of late by picking up a few releases by rem, bowie and gary numan.

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