well, today was the second sunday of the month which means once again it’s time for the tainan love and play diy market. it was cancelled last month because of bad weather, but today was all sunshine. most of the vendos i spoke with were very friendly, some of which spoke english, and some of which breathed a sigh of relief when they asked if i spoke chinese and i responded with “a little”.

i couldn’t resist these two robot cards. well, the robot love card is a sticker. i’d bought cards from p714(left picture) before. that day a man was working the stall and asked to take my picture. today there were two women working and one of them asked to take my picture again. funny. the robot love people(o’mima) were selling candy as well as stickers. i picked peter up some chocolate that came in matchbooks with cool covers(ie mazinger z, gatchaman,…).

i couldn’t resist a couple of cards(only one pictured) from crazyq either. they remind me of vinyl toys and comics. the one pictured above is embossed in the corner, but you can’t really tell in the scan. the card on the right is from 305 may design. cards of cute or odd stuffed animals are usually hard to pass up, but one on a scooter?! could it be any better?

i’d bought a little notebook from in the can before, but i don’t recall seeing any postcards when i bought that. today i kept coming back to this card and in the end just bought it.

one of the last things i picked up was this card with a monkey(or is it a mouse?) with an lomo lc-a. as soon as i saw it i knew i needed it. it’s hard to resist cards that are camera related. i asked the sellers if they used an lc-a, but they said no, the card is one of their classmates design.