a post for those that know me in person. a shot of my wimpy scooter. the colour is a bit off, but it’s still basically it. in person it’s a little more green. i’ve been riding it for about a month now and luckily i’ve yet to kill anyone and no one has hit me(though i see people riding in the wrong direction on the road on a daily basis). things were going fine until today when i was parking and the scooter fell over and the ignition key snapped in two. part of it still in the ignition(thankfully this little action shut off the engine as well). peter had an extra key so he came down after work so i could get my bag out of the seat compartment. i can just imagine my cameras melting(literally – they’re made of plastic afterall) if they had to sit in there through the extremely hot day. tomorrow i need to try to pry out the last bit of the key so i can drive it again.