this weekend was the formoz music festival. so after my summer class on friday i took the high speed rail up to taipei. once again ymck and the aprils were playing(the aprils even set up a special board for leaving comments on their formoz show). they were the main reason i went. i’d forgotten how expensive the festival was and i’m starting to question whether i’ll even bother going next year. with the added transportation costs of getting up to taipei, i’m not sure if it’s worth going just for the few bands i want to see. i found my self rather bored walking around encountering band after band that didn’t really do anything for me.

the aprils and ymck were at a bigger stage than last year. the aprils mentioned that every year the stage is bigger. i don’t think this is neccesarily a good thing. the huge video screens on the sides of the stage just don’t work as well as when they are behind the bands(this was especially true for ymck), and the intimacy of the other shows i’d seen by them was lost to a certain degree. but regardless of these minor quips, the shows were still a lot of fun. the leader of ymck spoke a lot more mandarin than before. sadly they didn’t do my favourite song Yellow, Magenta, Cyan and Black (YMCKのテーマ).

the aprils were the final band for the night on this stage and after the show i went up to where their cds were for sale. they put together a formoz 07 comp cdr for the show which i bought. it has a few demos on it that i didn’t have, but most if not all of everything else on it i already had. most of their cds had already sold out. one guy there was trying to decide on whether to buy their release astro or space dream bathroom and i told him that space dream bathroom was better, though of their releases i prefer pan da + 1 but that was already sold out.

aside from ymck and the aprils i took in some taiwanese band i’d never heard of before. they’re called rabbit is rich. they sounded a bit like they’d stepped out of 1978 or 1979. a bit post-punk, or new wave before that became more pop and commercial. all the songs were in english and they have a female singer full of attitude and anger which was great. too bad more taiwanese female singers aren’t like this. you can hear a few of their songs on their myspace page(i reccomend kick your ass as a starter) and pictures of the band can be found here.