August 2007

coolness. scrabulous. a site where you can play various versions of scrabble. there’s even a way to play via email. years ago my sister and brother and i used to play scrabble via email. we stopped for some reason, but it was great while we did it. via deeps blog.


atomic rockets. 48 pages of sci-fi and space goodness. of course i ignored most of the text and just looked at the pictures and illustrations. for some reason i was especially happy to see a shot of ark II included in the pages. via quiddity.

the new issue of lightleaks magazine is out. in each issue there is a write up on some often obscure lo-fi camera. in this issue it’s the pop tarts camera. apparently for a certain number of box tops you can send away for the camera for free. how cool is that? the camera looks pretty funky, especially the back:

you have to unscrew it to load or unload film! of course it’s rare that i come across pop tarts here in taiwan at all, and if i did i doubt it’d have this cool offer with it, but if some kind soul out there feels a hankering for pop tarts and wanted to send me the camera i’d be extrememly happy.

the second issue of without lenses, the online magazine devoted to pinhole photography, is out. this issue features an interesting interview with some of the members of the pinhole camp at burning man. i love the fact that such a camp exists and to have been doing it for nearly a decade makes it even cooler. there’s also an interesting article on making your own 4×5 pinhole camera.

sorry for the lack of updates around here. been preoccupied with other stuff. but hopefully i’ll be back to proper blogging now. as some filler for this post i offer you this little story:

the school i work for put all the foreign teacher’s pictures on the side of a bus as part of an advertisement(we’re all less than thrilled to be there too). i’ve seen the bus three times, but today as i was walking down the street someone addressed me as teacher(in chinese) and told me he’d seen me on the bus. fame at last! i was wondering if someone one day would recognize me. the picture on the bus isn’t the greatest(one of my students told me i didn’t look very happy, which is pretty accurate), so maybe it would be better if they didn’t think that person on the bus was me.

really cool. a music video made by animating dice. the band is fujiya & miyagi and according to their official site the video is done by wade shotter of factory films. via teamdroid.

on saturday peter and i went to see the simpsons movie(it opened in taiwan on friday). the theater was pretty empty. i’m not sure if that’s because of the rainy weather we’ve been having or just a sign that the simpsons aren’t that popular here(or perhaps the version in mandarin is more popular). peter thought it was so-so. i enjoyed it, but wasn’t in love with it. milhouse looked rather odd. more like an adult than a kid. i was surprised that alf clausen didn’t do the music for the movie. especially since he’d done such a stellar job on the series. before the film they showed a trailer for a new taiwanese lesbian film – i saw a beast(you can see the trailer with english subtitles if you click on the third tab once you hit enter and then select the bottom movie). i’m not sure what to make of it, but i’m a little curious. peter said it looked like a student film. but that’s not neccesarily a bad thing in my book.

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