recently, brent emailed me to ask if i knew anything about this japanese tv show where they play a form of human tetris:

i’d never seen the show before, but had seen similiar shows(taiwanese tv airs alot of japanese programs). since i didn’t know the answer i asked my friend patrick in japan(who hopefully doesn’t mind me quoting his email here) and he had this to say on it:

It’s called “tonneruzu no minasan no okage deshita” (tonneruzu=Tunnels,
a comedian group).
The show’s official site is here, but there’s nothing to see at all.

That segment of the show is called “nou kabe” (Brain Wall) and is one of
my favorites.

I also like this segment of the show, called “mojimojikun Hyper”. They
use the spike wall and their imagination to form katakana characters while saying stupid stuff.

update: recently this post has hit the roof in terms of hits. where are all you people coming from?