i had to go renew my visa last week. they’ve changed the building you do it at:

which normally wouldn’t be a big deal, but the building they changed it to seems to be some sort of temple to kitsch:

when i was there there was a couple out front taking wedding shots. along the front are a row of topless women as lightposts:

along the backyard of the building are a row of cherubs and along the side half and fully naked men and women. it’s definately the oddest building i’ve ever had to go to to renew my visa. my first impression was that it may have been a love motel or hostess bar before. but the building feels too small for such things. another possiblity is that it was a brothel that was converted. it’s probably something uninteresting like the owner of the building defaulted on a loan and so the government took it over. whatever it is, it’s definatly high kitsch. intially i was pretty dumbfounded by it, but now i’m pretty much in love with it and have already gone back once to take more pictures of it.

ah, i think i have it. i bet it was a ktv(karaoke) before. the size is just about right and some of them have crazy architecture like this.