October 2007

a snapshot of my sister and i sometime in the 1970s ready for the arrival of mass amounts of candy. do kids even trick or treat anymore? in my mind, a halloween party seems rather boring compared to the adventure of trick or treating and never knowing what may be lurking behind that front door.

speaking of halloween, the flickr group name that film is chock full of great halloween movie stills. though, a few seem to be more sci-fi than halloween to my eyes.


this is pretty cool. 56 youtube videos of riding rollercoasters from the front seat. the next best thing to actually riding the coasters.

this is pretty scary. one of my blogging friends involved in copwatch, where people observe cops on the street to make sure when they arrest people they are following the law, was recently arrested for asking for badge numbers from the police officers he was observing. sadly, it doesn’t seem like his is the only such case as there have been similiar incidents in new york and florida. it looks like a case that took place in colorado has lead to police training to make sure the cops don’t break the law which can only be a good thing.

i’m not a big fan of adding new music to old films. the clips here work better than i expected for the manray and hans richter films, but the fernand leger film pales considerably to the intensity of the original score. i remember there being quite a flack a few years ago when it was reported that some bands had played music over some stan brakhage films that he meant to remain silent. via pcl linkdump.

what was it i was saying about not needing another camera? well, obviously, when it comes to cameras words like that just can’t be trusted. yesterday i had the day off so i went down to kaohsiung. i went to the eslite bookstore in search of a japanese magazine/book on film cameras that a new friend of mine showed me last week. they didn’t have it(i’ll probably have the local branch special order it for me) but just outside the shop i saw one of those shops that sell educational/science toys and what do i find there but this pinhole camera kit. it’s a camera you assemble and once assembled you can take pinhole shots with it! now i just need to find the time to sit down and assemble the thing.

these are lovely. the tolne camera from japan. if i actually knew a shop selling these i’d be hard pressed to pass at least one of them up. not that i really need another camera, but…

wow, this is fantastic. a soviet poster a day. a blog that does just that – posts a soviet poster a day plus commentary on the posted poster. via the chawed rosin.

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