there’s a group over on flickr i’ve been keeping an eye on from time to time for awhile – name that film. basically people upload a screen shot from a film and other people have to guess what film it is from. some can be quite difficult. a lot of obscure film noir and b-movies show up as well as more typical hollywood fare. eye of the goof contributes from time to time(usually with something i don’t know but would like to see). today i noticed this fun thread where people post different stills that need to be related in some way. of course for my first contribution(to ntf, not that thread) i couldn’t help but add the still above since i always wanted to have powers like tony in that film.

speaking of film, tonight peter and i went to this video shop(hakataya – no. 250 chunghua 2nd rd.) that one of my colleagues told me about. if you pay for a yearly membership they give you a free region free player(or if you buy the dvd player they give you a free membership). the player is really nice(the one we got to replace our dying lg model sucked). to innaugurate the player we rented a few movies. peter chose wild hogs(which was worse than i expected it to be) and i chose a documentary called jesus camp which i first heard about from name that film. i haven’t watched it yet, but plan to shortly. it’s been ages since i’ve really rented any films, but this video store seems to be different from most taiwanese video stores in that they have films from other regions. it’s got to be the only video store in taiwan that has w.r.: mystery of the organism on display and ready to be rented.