i don’t often do these memes, but then i’m not often tagged either(which is probably all for the better). but when my sister tagged me with this one, i figured i had to do it.

1. What TV show have you seen every episode of?

this is a bit hard, because some shows i’m not certain i’ve seen every episode. i mean it’s a safe bet i’ve seen every episode of m*a*s*h, the brady bunch, the facts of life, mork and mindy, and many other 70s/80s sitcoms. a few shows i know i’ve seen every episode for sure, mainly because of having them on dvd, are: captain scarlet, wonder woman, the young ones, the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy(bbc tv version, not the film though i’ve seen that as well), sex and the city, six feet under, the office(unless more was released since the set i was given came out), and of course wonderfalls. wonderfalls being a show i’d never heard of before being given the set which now i must have seen 10+ times. it’s one of those shows i can quote from. and the kind of show where i wish the characters were my friends.

2. What show makes you laugh until you cry?

i’m not sure there are many shows that cause this reaction in me anymore. certain bits in abfab have made me laugh pretty uncontrollably, and the scene in wonderfalls where the father says “did you know our basic cable comes with lesbian porn?” practically had me on the floor. but that could have just been my mood or that i was totally unprepared for that statement to come out of his mouth.

3. What show do you wish had not been canceled?

hmm, these days by the time i see a show, a lot of times it’s already been cancelled. i would have liked to see carnivale go for a third season. there aren’t many shows i watch on a regular basis now that six feet under is off the air, well, at least until the next season of project runway starts airing here(whenever that will be).

4. What show do you wish WOULD be canceled?

basically any show that is a new version of an old tv show. battlestar galactica tops that list. i wouldn’t cry if csi was cancelled either, eventhough i tend to watch it when there is nothing else on. there’s probably a whole list of taiwanese tv shows the world would be better off without, but it’s pretty easy to ignore most of them(most of which would improve hugely if they’d just shoot the stupid keyboard player that has been making the same lame sound effects(for what feels like forever) to underscore things said in case you are too stupid to know this is funny or this is sad not to mention the trend of fake suspense…).

5. Who is your favorite TV character, either past or present?

this is an easy one. billy mumy as will robinson on lost in space. when i was little he is who i wanted to be. sadly, my family wasn’t jetisoned into space to have all kinds of exciting adventures like this fictional family was.

i’m curious to see how anyone else would answer these, but in particular i’m curious what scrubbles and quiddity have to say on the matter(consider yourselves tagged).