November 2007

cool. amy sedaris is in the new dolly parton video:

found via quiddity.


a result of participating in name that film over on flickr is that i oftentimes end up with screen grabs i don’t post since someone figures out the film before i need to post any hints. instead of just deleting them i might as well post them over here on the blog.

the cockettes were a performance hippie pan sexual dance/theater group from san francisco. i’d read that there was a documentary on them awhile back but i was pretty surprised to find it at a dvd shop here in tainan. the documentary chronicles the rise and fall of the group. apparenlty they even made some short films(something i’d definately like to hunt down). a lot of the people in the film lived in various communes at the time. i was familiar with the typical image of a hippie commune, but i was surpised to discover in san franciso there was a commune devoted to the 1920s. the members dressed in clothes from the 20s, collected records from the 20s, etc. it sounds great.

they have an official page here with information on what surviving members are doing today and information on the soundtrack to the film and the book a member wrote about her involvment with the group.

last month peter and i went up to madou in tainan county to the dai tien temple. the temple is quite large and features a giant dragon several stories high. you can enter into the dragon and experience heaven or hell. each will cost you 40 nt(a little over on u.s. dollar). of course hell was more interesting. it basically used sound effects and animatronic people and creatures to illustrate the 18 taoist hells. one featured a woman seated on the floor in front of a judge. a screen nearby showed images of her having sex with different people. once the images had finished screening the woman rocked back and forth wailing for forgiveness. of course i never saw any images of men getting in trouble for having sex with different people, so that must be ok.

to get to heaven you walked up stairs into the upper levels of the dragon(at one point you can go outside and take in the view of the temple grounds). for the most part heaven was pretty boring. people in stuffy clothes sitting around drinking tea or playing chess.

i created a flickr set for the shots i took of heaven and hell.

another photographer harrassed by police for taking photos:

Artist Shirley Scheier drove to Snohomish to make the kind of picture you couldn’t get in a city — power lines against an unobstructed sky.

She wound up being patted down, handcuffed and put into the back of a police car on that day two years ago, in a detention that lasted 44 minutes.

The electrical substation she photographed had been identified by the Department of Homeland Security as a “critical infrastructure” target.

The longtime UW professor sued the city of Snohomish on Thursday, in what her lawyers say is an example of harassment toward photographers resulting from misplaced fears about terrorism.

hopefully her lawsuit will stop this stupdity from continuing. via fergie’s tech blog and this flickr thread.

on sunday peter and i went to an-ping. our plan was to go take pictures and eat. we did both of course. while we were there i couldn’t resist this toy monkey. i saw some other cool monkeys that i wish i would have bought also(and not very expensive either) , so of course the next chance i get i will be going back for them.

a mini documentary on sound artist christian marclay:

i can’t believe i’ve never heard of this guy until recently. where have i been? there’s also an interview with him here and more youtube goodness here. via yip yop.

living with music. a playlist from wfmu dj kenny g including downloadable mp3s. i haven’t downloaded any yet, but very intriguing. marie osmond performing dadaist poetry, the complete beatles(at least the uk albums) condensed into a one hour file, or joseph beuys fronting a german new wave band are just a few of the delights of the playlist. speaking of beuys, you can even watch the video for the pop song he did here(scroll down to the second video file).

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