i usually try to avoid buying any music so close to my birthday(it’s the 8th in case anyone feels like showering me with good wishes or gifts), because i’m always a little worried that someone will give me something i’ve just bought. well, in this case i couldn’t help myself.

earlier this week i found the time to get to eslite to pick up the new my little airport release we can’t stop smoking in the vicious and blue summer. while picking this up i noticed that they had gotten in the joy division remastered sets with bonus discs of live concerts. i couldn’t resist and picked up closer. i also noticed they had family tree by nick drake. a release of home recordings he and other members of his family did. it’s something i’ve been wanting to hear for awhile, so of course i couldn’t pass it up. on initial listen the my little airport disc doesn’t live up to their first two releases. none of the songs are grabbing me in the way that tracks on their first two releases did. this may just be one of those releases that takes me awhile to get into, or perhaps it’s just inferior to the first two.