well, i do dig lomo cameras, but i’m not very fond of the lomography company. sadly a lot of people think they are the same thing. lomo=russian camera company, lomography=greedy company jacking up the price on cheap cameras and marketing a lifestyle to those too wimpy to invent their own. but anyway, i was prettty surprised when i noticed this book in the shops. initially, i thought it was just a chinese translation of one of the lomography books, but it’s not. it’s a book put out by some of the people from the lomo.tw forum. if my chinese was much better i’d probably hang out there. but as it sucks i don’t(though i met a bunch of the people from there at a meetup last december in kaohsiung). the book itself isn’t limited to lomo cameras as there are holgas and cameras by lomography included as well. there are also quite a few hacks for various cameras which is one of the reasons i wanted the book, plus i like to support local endeavours like this.