today, i am 40. should i be scared of that number? my parents sent me an old polaroid camera which sadly they no longer manufacture film for. i’ll have to search around and see if there’s a hack for the camera. the camera is really heavy. also one of my former students sent me some little toys(you can’t see them very well in the polaroid shot above) that i’m quite happy to have. today will probably be rather uneventful. go to work. teach my classes. come home.we may have cake tonight(though to be honest most cake in taiwan just seems to be missing something). peter earlier in the week took me to get an mp3 player(a t.sonic 840) which i’m enjoying on train rides. it’s only 4 gigs but it suits me fine. i know the ipod is all the rage, but i’m not very fond of apple and think the ipod is ugly. traditionally, at this time of year, peter and i would take time off and go somewhere. when we lived in taipei we’d go south. this time we’re not taking any time off, but will take a short trip up to puli for the weekend.