a short article on the taiwan indie music scene from some l.a. music magazine called rockit. it’s a very brief overview of the scene here, so of course it barely touches the surface and has a few inaccuracies(ie. the grass festival doesn’t happen every year).

i’m not sure how much an influence foreigners living in taiwan are on the local music scene(or introducing locals to new bands). afterall, quite a lot of western music has been on the radio here. and i know there were people who used to give talks introducing different types of music/bands(ie current 93, throbbing gristle, etc). these days, from what i’ve heard, most people get their music information from bbs boards or foreign sites like pitchfork.

funny, the cd comp the writer picked up promoting the second grass festival – is one of the reasons i chose not to go to that festival(aside from the difficulty of getting to its location from here, getting time off, etc). the first grass festival cd was great, the second was much more hit and miss for me. my favourites on the cd being stuff i had already or from bands not playing the festival.