ever since reading about the documentary in the realms of the unreal, i’ve been wanting to see it. it’s not everyday that a life devoted to secret storytelling and art is discovered. surprisingly, i managed to find it at a videostore here, so i rented it this last weekend. i seem to recall that some took issue with the animation of darger’s still work in the film. for the most part this didn’t bother me. though i’m not sure it was really neccesary to place bits of animation based on his work in old found footage or travlogue film excerpts. maybe there is a point i’m missing, but it almost seemed like filler than a neccesity to the film. after watching the film – it made me want to read the novel(and his biography) he’d written and see the illustrations myself. i don’t believe a great deal of these have been published, which is understandable considering the novel is something like 1500 pages.