a result of participating in name that film over on flickr is that i oftentimes end up with screen grabs i don’t post since someone figures out the film before i need to post any hints. instead of just deleting them i might as well post them over here on the blog.

the cockettes were a performance hippie pan sexual dance/theater group from san francisco. i’d read that there was a documentary on them awhile back but i was pretty surprised to find it at a dvd shop here in tainan. the documentary chronicles the rise and fall of the group. apparenlty they even made some short films(something i’d definately like to hunt down). a lot of the people in the film lived in various communes at the time. i was familiar with the typical image of a hippie commune, but i was surpised to discover in san franciso there was a commune devoted to the 1920s. the members dressed in clothes from the 20s, collected records from the 20s, etc. it sounds great.

they have an official page here with information on what surviving members are doing today and information on the soundtrack to the film and the book a member wrote about her involvment with the group.