December 2007

in a matter of hours peter and i are headed to the airport. we’re spending the holidays in seattle with my friends and family. so probably no posts until we get back sometime in early january. see you in 2008!


yesterday i hopped into a taxi only to have the driver offer me a microphone and ask if i wanted to sing karaoke. he seemed very proud of his new set up. he’d set it up on english songs and was humming along with the songs. maybe he thought i just didn’t want to sing that song and tried to hand me the book containing a list of songs. but i passed on that as well. shortly after this i heard a familiar tune…eye of the tiger. i was a bit surprised to hear that as a karaoke song(and realized i didn’t know any of the words to the song). as i got out of the taxi that’s the way i like it started to play and for a moment i had it confused with you spin me ’round.

i know a karaoke taxi shouldn’t surprise me,but it still does for some reason.

the photomedia center is looking for holga work for their on line gallery. full entry information here. i’ll be submitting some work if i don’t end up forgetting which is what usually happens when i have this sort of opportunity.

interesting. a list with you tube goodness of christmas specials. though calling santa claus conquers the martians abominable seems rather suspect especially for someone that included pariah carey in their list of supposedly good christmas music. but aside from that a pretty decent list. there were a few things i’d not seen before, among them this max fleischer cartoon of rudolph the red nosed reindeer from 1948:


the diy zombie barbie(as created by my niece). of course barbie was always a bit like a zombie to begin with, but now her exterior matches her vapid interior.

just when you thought it wasn’t possible for kristin hersh to get any cooler she does something like start an organization called cash(coalition of artists and stake holders). a place where music is free and free to be remixed. a bit more:

Art is by nature a conversation. I’d like us to make it a community. Think about what you have to offer. Read-only culture is not enough anymore. We’d like you to treat this stuff as read-write. I’d also like to hear your comments on the songs I post each month. I’ll read them all and reply too.

What does read-write mean? Maybe as you’re listening to “Slippershell”, you’re inspired to DO something: paint a picture, write an essay, make a video, remix, or even re-record the song. Please do so. And share your work with me and the rest of the CASH community by uploading it somewhere and sending me a link. I’m offering my Pro Tools mix stems to make it easy to work with my recorded material. We will review all the links submitted, I promise. At some point, I’ll release the songs I post here in the form of a CD. It’s my intention that the CD release should also include lots of the stuff you send me. I think that would be incredible.

What we’re doing today is just the beginning. It is in the nature of a share and share alike community to grow. Gradually, over the next weeks and months CASH Music will be revealing it’s “real” self. Other artists will be involved, the final and fully-capable site will be launched and new features will be added — all incorporating your input and creativity. CASH is a community that in the end will be defined by itself.

it sounds cool, and the first track released by kristin is wonderful. i’ve been out of the loop as far as kristin’s output lately, but this track easily can stand next to the finest of the work she did with throwing muses. this page has some of the remixes people have been doing of that song(i haven’t downloaded any of them yet so i don’t know what they are like). the subscription system seems cool too as a way to give the artists “monetary feedback”. via yip yop.

something else not to be missed is this write up kristin did about going to college with betty hutton(yes, that betty hutton).

waa, who once was half of the taiwanese duo natural q has released her first solo album. i haven’t bought it yet, but listened to it at eslite the last time i was there. one track i instantly recongized as a cover but couldn’t place it at first. it turns out it’s a chinese version of the spanish song por las tardes by niza. you can hear waa’s version(“king flower”) on her myspace page. and here’s the video for the niza original(note the cool camera in the video(!)):

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