January 2008

after reading the tutorial on polaroid goop, i thought i’d give it a try.

the polaroid negative as scanned:

polaroid flipped so the image won’t be backwards:

image inverted in photoshop to get a positive image:

auto contrast in photoshop(note – almost no difference):

and finally the final image after i adjusted the levels:

apparently, most people use other types of polaroid peel apart film for this process. right now i’ve only tried it with type 669 film since that’s what i’ve been using in my vivitar slide printer. more of my goop experiments can be found here.


this looks cool. solo photo book month:

When is Solo Photo Book Month?

Because we’re just getting started, we’re doing a fuzzy month. You should pick a 31 day period that starts no earlier than April 1, 2008, and ends no later than May 31, 2008. In other words, if you start on April 1, your month ends on May 1. If you start on April 15, your month ends on May 15. Having everyone do it exactly at the same time would be nice, because it would allow for maximum sense of camaraderie, but everyone has different schedules and this fuzzy month start/finish plan buys some of that without the inflexibility.

How many photos do I need for the book?

35 – large enough that it can’t be flung together from a single afternoon’s photography, short enough to be doable. I understand that for some folks 35 is big number. For the folks who have been running photo-a-day photoblogs, it’s child’s play. 35 is a reasonable compromise. It’s the number of photos in the book “The Gift of the Commonplace”, a book of photographs by Ruth Bernhard. If it’s long enough for Ruth Bernhard, it’s long enough for us.

Can I include photos I’ve already taken prior to the start of my 31 days?

No. The book should include only text written and photos made (including both exposure and any editing) during the month.

Can I use ideas or plans I had ahead of time?

Yes. Planning ahead, getting hold of equipment or software you plan to use, and learning the skills to put together whatever book-like thing is the final result are all things that you can do in advance. But you have to take the photos and write the text in that one month.

What qualifies as a completed photo book?

The goal is a nicely formatted PDF with the photos in it. That means the book might range from just a PDF assembled with the automated PDF merge in Photoshop all the way to a ready to send off to the POD publisher document assembled with Quark Express or Adobe InDesign. I don’t think it’s a problem to have a broad range of what’s acceptable; NaSoAlMo accepts any sort of recording at all, from an answering machine up through studio recordings. People will set their goal to match their own interests and level, which is probably a Good Thing.

So I don’t need to actually finish with a printed copy of the book?

Nope. A PDF file will do.

i haven’t signed up yet, but it’s probably only a matter of time until i do.

my friend ted has a nice write up on the silliness that is $cientology. the slide show here is particularly disturbing, though not all that surprising. then today i came across this write up on hackers going after the cult and with good cause. it’s going to be interesting to see how this all unfolds.

this afternoon peter and i went to see tim burton’s sweeney todd. once i saw in the credits that it was based on the musical my heart sort of sank. there was a time when i didn’t mind musicals, but sitting through dreamgirls taught me just how much i dislike musicals. i didn’t dislike sweeney todd as much as dreamgirls, but i wasn’t all that impressed. i did like the colour of the film. very muted, some scenes almost looked cross processed even. but in the end it left me wondering if tim burton is ever going to make a film that i really like again.

three versions of contact:

first by pizzicato five:

the second is pizzicato five remixed by dimitri from paris:

and the third(thanks to pcl linkdump) is brigitte bardot:

i suspect the p5 videos are fan made from excerpts of other videos. but still cool.

the second annual white elephant blogathon is looking for some movie reviewing participants:

To participate in the blogathon, you need to send me the title of a film that you want another participant to review. Just FYI, last year’s crop of films included classics such as Air Bud: World Pup, Troll 2, and Nude for Satan.

Submissions will be accepted through mid-February. After the submission window is closed I’ll randomly assign films from the submissions to all the participants. Pieces about your assigned film are expected to be posted on April Fools Day.

it sounds fun, but of course it’s doubtful i’d be able to find any film here in taiwan i might be assigned if i signed up and i’m too lazy to try to find such things on-line. via yip yop.

when i go back to seattle i always like to stop by cinema books. an independant book store devoted to books on cinema. it’s one of the few places where i feel like i can go in and ask for books on experimental film and they’ll know what i’m talking about. so i did just that. i came away with a lot of cool books. one of them is a book on emshwiller. i only vaguely recalled his name. he did a lot of wonderful sci-fi illustrations that i can’t seem to get enough. his wife is a sci-fi writer(i’m very curious to read her work too). he also made experimental film which i believe later in life is what he concentrated on, yet he’ll probably be remembered more for his illustration work. here’s a film he did(on video) in 1979:

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